Friday, August 21, 2015

My School Counselor Is: Students Perspective

I have always felt like I had a good handle on the first Guidance Lesson for the Year.  This just comprises my lesson called "The School Counselor is..."  Well, I have been doing this for 8 years, and my own daughter whose now a 5th grader told me, "Mom, I've heard that lesson since Kindergarten!"  Crushed, I decided I better spice it up a little.  So in the spirit of spicing it up, and OPGES I decided I'd let the students tell me what they think I do.  Yes you heard me!  I surveyed my students the very first week of school.  Now, let me back up and say that I only did this with 3-5.  I figured they've heard the same spill for years too, but the little guys need to hear my original lesson. I gave each student a post it, and told them to tell me what they think I do.  I explained they could recall a lesson I have taught, or how I've helped them etc.  If they were new, I told them to tell me what they thought I might do, or they were allowed to say "I don't know."  Meanwhile, I created a table which comprises the the Three ASCA domains I am supposed to be teaching:  Career, Academic Achievement, and Personal  Social.  Once the students  did this they were to place their post it on the white board.  Then I explained the three domains, and together, we placed each answer under the category they felt it fit under best!  Viola!  I have just conducted a student voice survey!!! It really helped me because I saw that I need to work on Career the most!


Heather Law Howe :) said...

I LOVE it! Can you please share? I love your idea and want to do it too!

Gina Crabtree said...

Heather I'm happy to share anything you might need. I don't have worksheet or anything that go with this lesson though.

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