Sunday, August 4, 2013

Guidance lesson: What is a School Counselor

It's easy to know what the music and art teachers do, but for School Counselors, that's a little tricky. I have been doing this lesson since I started 6 years ago and I have found that it really sticks with the kids. I use objects and place them in a bag. Each object represents something that I do as their School Counselor.

🔸Trophy:  because I believe they are all winners and I want them to see that in themselves. 
🔸Heart shape cut out with a band aid: I fix broken hearts and will help make it feel better when it hurts. 
🔸Sunglasses:  I think your future is bright and I will help you see that.
🔸Eraser:  I will help you fix your mistakes. 
🔸Compass:  I teach them how to lead. 
🔸Puppy stuffed animal with long ears:  I am a good listener. 
🔸Calculator:  I can help solve the most complicated life problem. 
🔸Lock from a locker:  I'm a secret keeper. I lock all the secrets students tell me inside my brain and will never break the lock.  (I do informed consent here tho and discuss that there are three reasons I'd ever have to break it--he tells me of harm to others, harm to the child, or if he wants to harm himself.). This makes if a lot easier when I'm counseling and I get a secret I can't keep. I can refer back go this and the child feel better about why I have to tell. 

I try to add a few items as I need to but these are the basics. While i do it every year, for every grade level, you'd think the older kids should get tired of hearing it, but they don't. I make a game of it and see who can remember. They love it!


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