Monday, March 30, 2015

Growth Mindset: Extension Activity

Last week, we learned about having a Growth Mindset.  This week, I am hoping to go a little further with this topic by using this "Star Wars' clip.  I found this amazing website called Step-up 2 thrive.  This site does a lot of work with Mindset and is helping me find resources to support what I am doing in the classroom. 


Tell students to do the following: (WORKSHEET PROVIDED)
1.  On the side labeled,   On the side labeled, "Things that are hard", list things that you struggle with, or challenge you.  In the column labeled, "Things I say to myself about doing these things," have students write phrases they may say to themselves when something becomes difficult.  Here are a few examples: 
  • I can't
  • Too Hard
  • There's no Way
  • It's too much
  • This is gonna take forever

2..  Show video clip:

3.  After viewing clip, Have students answer the following questions:
  • What was Yoda asking Luke to do?
  • Tell words that Luke said to Yoda.
    • I can't
    • Impossible
    • too hard
    • I'll try
  • Tell words Yoda said to Luke
    • Believe
    • Can
    • Do or do not, There is not try
  •   Who had a growth Mindset (Or Open mindset)?  Yoda
  •   Who had a closed mindset?  Luke
  •    Who was successful? Yoda

4.  Now, in the last column brainstorm things you can say to yourself that are more like Yoda with a growth mindset.
  • This is hard, but it will make me better
  • I am going to enjoy this challenge
  • The length of time this is going to take me will only increase my brain power
  • Hard things are fun
  • I feel good when I am successful at hard things
Allow kids to brainstorm as many ideas as they can, and create a running list.

If time allows, have students complete the following prompt: (Worksheet provided)
KPREP is coming up on May 7.  List three things that you are worried about when taking this test.
List three closed mindsets you are having about these worries.  Now, tell three things you can say to yourself that are more like Yoda's mindset (open mindset). 



Unknown said...

This sounds like a great lesson. The first worksheet link isn't working...

Gina Crabtree said...

I think I fixed that for you. Let me know if it doesn't work.

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