Friday, October 14, 2016

Understanding Bullies and Targets Using Habit 5

This lesson is great for getting a pre-assessment from your students regarding how they view bullies and targets.  It opens up the floor for lots of conversations and intersting discussions about stereotypes, and their own experiences with Bullying.  It helps me know what I need to make sure I touch on with that class and what I can leave out.  My goal is that the studnets are able to show me that they understand that oftentimes, a bully can be anyone, and bullies because they are hurting inside. Also, that a target, can be just about anyone!   Here's how it works: 

Hand out the outline of the bully or target
  1. Say:  Decorate your person according to how you think a bully or target really looks.  Give about 10-15 minutes for them to do so, allowing them to really explore how they view bullies and target.  
  2. Say:  Now, around the head write things you think that person might be thinking.
  3. Say:  Next, draw a heart where the heart should be on your person.  Draw a line from the heart to the outside of the person, and write feelings you think this person might have.
  4. Say:  Next to the hands, write what you think that person might be doing with their hands.
  5. Say:  Next to the feet, write what you think that person might be doing with their feet.  
Next, have students swap their pictures, and discuss with one another similarities and differences. Have them talk about why they chose that outfit, or those words etc. Finally, under the document camera, I might show the students all the different examples, and have them make connections about them.  These are points I try to make when discussing these examples.
  • Bullies can have all types of looks. (cute, ugly, nice dressers, rough dressers etc.)
  • A bully can be a boy or a girl.
  • Many times, bullies have feelings of hurt, and anger because they have been bullied.  
  • A target typically looks weak, and often has a frown on their face.  This type of personality can easily make you a target.  It's important to be yourself, but to show confidence as well.  
  • Its important that we Seek First to Understand a bully and a target because this way, we can be better bystanders, and not allow the bully to have so much power.  


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