Tuesday, February 3, 2015

7 Habits Review Time: Seven Habits Speedway

My Younger kids (K-2) have all been introduced or reviewed all 7 Habits so it's time for me to be sure they know them and can apply them to real world situations.   In order to make that fun, I found this great race car game!  I have designed questions for each habit, and will divide the kids into groups (color groups for each car), and ask the questions.  When a group answers correctly they get to move their car.  What I love about this is, there's no dice to deal with, and no pieces to have to manipulate.  It does it all for you.


Angela Miller said...

I tried to download and make the cars move but it didn't work...can you help me with this? Also, do you have the questions you use with the kids? I could not find them here and would love to see them. Thanks!

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