Sunday, August 17, 2014

Managing the Chaos

If you're like me, you wear a lot of hats. We Counselors don't get the luxury of having a day that's  already planned out for us. We may THINK we have an idea but it always changes. In an effort to manage the chaos that I love about being a school counselor, I have come up with something that works pretty well for me. I take an ordinary lesson plan book, and divide it into sections. These sections represent a "hat" I wear. While there are others, I have found I am able to subcategorize them into one of the sections. The sections include: lesson plans, meetings, counseling, testing, and to do. What I have found is that I can separate hats into days and not feel so overwhelmed because I haven't tackled that hat that day because. It allows me a way to plan ahead for what's coming each day, while feeling like I have some control as well. The to do section is my life saver. It helps me keep everything I have to do in the same place, especially if I find it's not fitting nicely with an already established category. Here's and expample of what my plan book looks like.


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