Thursday, March 27, 2014

Websites for Kids to Explore their Careers

These websites have been so helpful as I work with my students on careers.  Hopefully you will find them helpful as well.

CareerSmarts Youtube Playlist of Careers: Thank you School Counseling by Heart! She has compiled several video clips of occupations into one easy playlist for  students to explore immediately.

Career View
A great site that helps kids explore their careers based on their interests, subjects they like in school, or the career clusters.  After a few simple questions the students are able to see a list of all the jobs that may interest them.

Career One-stop:  This is a great site for my older students. It allows them to type in the job they are looking for and provides a lot of information. It gives way more information than my students really need at this stage; however it's an excellent site!
 Paws in Pawland
This is a great site for my K-2 students.  It has them answer a few basic questions, and then provides view of Pawland with only the career clusters that they would work well in.


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