Sunday, March 23, 2014

Career Exploration

Once again, I am excited by what one of my favorite bloggers has shared in helping make our jobs so much easier.  She has compiled several videos for students to view that have all kinds of careers explained.  This is such a great idea and took a lot work of work.  Thank you School Counseling By Heart

This Weeks Lesson:

First, I want to do a quick review of Multiple Intelligence's.  I will show this great video I found that is kid friendly and informative.

Next, I want to show the kids what they will do next week in centers, which is explore various careers of their choice.  They will watch a video, and fill out the career investigation survey.  I want them to be able to understand how to find the types of Brain Smarts that are required in these types of jobs so that they can make good choices for themselves based on the smarts they have discovered.

Video one:  Design Squad:  Use this to introduce the activity that we will do today.  I have created a survey for students to fill out that will allow them to explore each career they view today.  Instruct the students how to fill in this simple form.

Finally, Use this Video list of career options to show the students and have them fill out the survey for each one.  Discuss together, the types of brain smarts that will be needed to do these jobs.


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