Friday, August 2, 2013

Streamlining RTI using Dropbox

I think all of us would agree that RTI is quite a bear to tackle! The paperwork alone is enough to make anyone crazy. I am lucky in that I have an RTI coordinator; however, I have parents and teachers calling all the time needing to know information about their child's progress.  In addition, it never fails that we get into RTI meetings to discuss a student, and we forget the student work samples. Well, this year, we have come up with a great plan and I am super excited about it!  We are using Dropbox to help streamline the process of tracking, and documenting student work, etc.  So far, I think it's gonna work beautifully!  Now, teachers can use their smartphone to snap a picture of the child's work and automatically upload it into that child's folder.  Any correspondence, progress report, and basically anything having to do with that child's progress can be imported digitally, so anyone who needs to can access it from anywhere provided they have been given the shared file.  Here's a cheat sheet I made for teachers with detailed plans for using Dropbox to track RTI and instructions on how to access it from all locations.  


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