Friday, August 9, 2013

Be Proactive: My Mouth is a Volcano

The first week of school is behind me and I have to say, it was such a smooth start!!!  I am now looking toward next week, and where I begin with my Guidance Lessons.  It only seems natural to me to begin with how to be a good listener, and Habit 1:  Be Proactive. Click on the picture above, and you will see that I have attached this lesson, along with a link to supplements I found on Teachers Pay Teachers.  To locate this link, just go to the bottom of the lesson plan where it says 'worksheets.'

Points of Discussion:
 I always want my little ones to know that I love seeing them in the hallways, and I know how excited they get.  It never fails, one student always jumps out of line to give me a hug, and then sure enough, gets in trouble.  I always feel so bad!  I created what I call 'The microwave' with students.  When they see me in the hallway and want to say hi, they can just raise their index finger and wave it at me.  This means, "Hi Mrs. Crabtree! It's great to see you but I'm in line now and want to be Proactive!"  The kids love it, and even though I only teach this to the Kindergarten kids, it sticks through 5th grade.  I get microwaves from all grade levels, as this little trick just really sticks with them.  Additionally, I give the microwave to the students as well.  This way they know that I would love to hug each one of them, and enjoy seeing them, but I just can't get to all of them at the same time, because their line is so nice and I would mess it up if I tried.


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