Tuesday, February 25, 2014

7 Habits in Action: School Wide Expectations

This is a lesson I do with my 3-5th graders at the beginning of the school year.  This helps keep everyone on the same page with regard to school wide expectations, as well as helps me get a feel for what habits the students are still struggling to apply toward their daily lives.  In this activity, the students are put into groups of five. Each group is labeled with a location.  (classroom, hallways, restrooms, cafeteria, and playground).   I present them with the table below, and ask them to complete their group's box for each habit.  I give the groups about about 5 minutes, to discuss and write down their answers.  Then, I tell them to switch to the next group.  When the students have rotated through all of the groups, we come together as a class and discuss.  I usually use big butcher paper, to create this matrix and hang it somewhere in the classroom as a reminder.  I have placed a blank table for you to use if you'd like, as well as a sampling of answers I have gotten from students in the past.


Allen Martin said...

Very impressive. This is how things should really work. Keep it up. Great Leadership

Anonymous said...

I love this chart! Do you happen to have anything for Habit 7 across the different areas of school?

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