Monday, July 8, 2013

7 Habits Board Games

I love it when I can show my students how to apply the seven habits in the real world.  This activity does just that!  I have the kids work together in groups to create a 7 Habits Board game that I will later use with my younger students.  I typically have grades 3-5 do this activity, as I have found 2nd grade and below are just not quite ready.  In this activity, the students actually have to practice using the habits to finish the project.  You'll see from planning worksheet that the students have to Begin with the End in Mind, and Synergize to solve the problems that may arise.  As I see students having trouble, I use this time to help them solve the conflicts using Seek First to Understand and Win-Win.  Allowing the studnets this time to actually practice be a team player, is vital to their growth as Leaders. 


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