Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Leader in Me Implementation Guide

This is our school's third year of being actively involved in the Leader in Me Process.   It has been such an amazing experience, and has enhanced the school culture dramatically.  When we first began, we weren't exactly sure how we wanted to go about the process.  Therefore, we started small and focused on the Wildly Important Goals for our school.  For us, changing the school environment to reflect the Habits, and embedding the language into the curriculum was important. In addition, explicit instruction of the Habits was also necessary.  As you will notice in our plan, I taught the 7 Habits explicitly in all Guidance Classes to all grade levels.  I have various ways that I do this, and will be sharing those with you often.   Here is our implementation plan for Years one and two.  We are well on our way toward becoming a Lighthouse School and can hardly wait!


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