Tuesday, April 30, 2013

5 Ways to Stay Sane as your Building's Assessment Coordinator

In my school, I wear many many many many hats! One very important hat I wear is that of Building Assessment Coordinator. (BAC). It's a daunting task as I'm sure you all know. I remember my first year as BAC I was so overwhelmed! I hope these tips will help you as you guide your school toward successful testing!

1. Less is more! Designate an area in your office that is simply testing. I am careful not to take any testing materials outside of my designated "Testing Zone". This ensures test security and lessens the chances of things getting misplaced.

2. Communicate! Don't assume your teachers know even the simplest procedures. It's important you clearly define your procedures and be consistent!!

3. Delegate! This is HARD for me to do, but through the years it becomes easier. I get students to sharpen pencils for me and enlist the help of any available staff to help me bubble score sheets, check mom academic data, Etc.

4. Keep everything! I have a binder where I keep all important documents such as rosters, accommodations reports, audit paperwork (just in case). Having all if this in one place as proved so helpful! I am less likely to lose things if I keep it in one binder.

5. EXCEL can be your best friend! If you know how to use excel efficiently, you'll find the process of verifying data so much easier. Features I use are HIDE, FILTER, SORT. I use these a lot in order to organize the data easier and quicker. Stay tunes for screenshots on how to do this!


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